What is Flour Intera®?

The only white flour that preserves the noble parts of the grain.

Farine Varvello’s innovation on the final market was introduced on the final market in 2013 with the Integralbianco brand.

Today Integralbianco is called Farina Intera® the same product with a new brand to cover an even larger market. The innovation and unique features of Farina Intera® allow Farine Varvello to rely on competent partners such as the Umberto Veronesi Foundation and the University of Gastronomic Sciences. 

The search of excellence let Farine Varvello to produce Farina Intera® at our plant in Paderno d’Adda and to grant to Molino Colombo the distribution at selected artisans and professionals in some areas in Italy. For more information and to know where to find Farina Intera® visit www.farinaintera.it