Eduardo Ore

Eduardo Ore

Born in 1985 in the heart of Vesuvius National Park, the cradle of ancient baking traditions that influence his professional career.

In 1999, at a very young age, he took the first steps in the world of baking (literally, white art), working in Vesuvian bakeries and pizzerias, at first as a baker and then as a pizza chef.
Fascinated by the unique characteristics of Neapolitan pizza and San Sebastiano bread, which is made with the mother yeast, he decided to learn their artful production techniques, scrupulously preserved in those places for centuries, by the most severe Vesuvian leavening masters. His unstoppable curiosity and constant inclination to learn and choose the highest quality raw materials led him to experience professional growth in various fields over the years.

So, he became interested in studying, researching and developing soft wheat flours for pizza in Molino Dallagiovanna laboratory, he got into the milk and dairy sector, collaborating with the Mandara family from Agerola, and in the field of gluten-free products with Aic Emilia Romagna. Then, he delved into the rich universe of bread making, the management of mother yeast and the technology of leavening cakes as panettone and pandoro with the leavening masters Achille Zoia and Piergiorgio Giorilli.

In 2013, the master Enzo Coccia hired him for his company Pizza Consulting, in the role of trainer, technical adviser, and coordinator of activities linked to the spread of the Neapolitan pizza in some countries such as Turkey, China, Spain, France, the United States and Australia.

He created and developed a special mother yeast called “Ciruzzo”, obtained from the controlled fermentation of Catalanesca grapes, grown on the lava rich soil of the volcanic complex Monte-Somma Vesuvio. Hence, in homage to his native land, he created Vesuvius, the Neapolitan artisanal panettone made with the exclusive fermentation of mother yeast and raisins from the Vesuvius grape variety with a protected geographical indication.
In 2018, he traveled throughout South America, where he dealt with the spread of pizza in important Italian migratory colonies such as San Paolo in Brazil and Buenos Aires in Argentina. During the period spent on the impressive Andes mountains, between Chile and Colombia, he analyzed, from an anthropological and agricultural point of view, the ancient Inca civilization that lived in those places in pre-Columbian times.

This research led him to the realization of “Un Pan por Pachamama”, in collaboration with the NGO Fe y Alegria, a large training program for the Quechua Andean indigenous communities in many rural areas of Bolivia, for the spred of advanced baking techniques with natural leavening, the use of cereals and pseudo-cereals from the great local agriculture.

In 2019, he became technical consultant for Molino Colombo where he created and signed “Fiore di Napoli”, the new and innovative Neapolitan pizza flour.
In 2020 he was entrusted with the task of technician in the examining commission of the prestigious Accademia Maestri del Lievito Madre and Italian Panettone.

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