Le Eccellenze

Le Eccellenze

Le Eccellenze line was born thanks to the combination between the competent Molino Colombo milling art and the experience of the best Masters of the white art. A selection of ideal flours to respond to the highest needs of  experts in every area and field of the white art.

Fiore di Napoli

Fiore di Napoli is the neapolitan pizza flour obtained from a mixture of 24 milling steps of a specific high quality grains combination. The glutinc mesh of the dough results silky and with the correct relation between toughness and extensibility. The specific and measured quality of the enzimatic activity during the maturation processes, both during the leavening and the complex phase of baking at 480°C, bring to a golden, soft, aromatic, fragrant, and highly digestible neapolitan pizza.

Ideal for: Flour for neapolitan pizza with leavening at 25°C for 14/18 hours and with the cold technique at 5°C for 24/48 hours.

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