Pan paillasse

Pan paillasse

What is it?
The Pan Paillasse is a very innovative bread. The dough can also be done only 3 times a week, requires less working hours and lawer labor costs (-30%), the mixture can be formed and cooked by anyone.

Why should I do?
It has a yield of 37% in bread making, there are times imposed by the then rising production flexibility, it features an excellent shelf life.

The pleasure of discovering the flavors of the past
Pan Paillasse perfectly combines tradition, innovation, quality and immagination. It is genuine, the amount of yeast used is minimal, it is easier to digest thanks to a long fermentation of lactic origin which gives the bread an unmistakable flavor thanks to the 80 aromas that are released in the mouth.


Pan Paillasse White

The basic mixture of Paillasse suitable for bread dough based spring cake Greek savory snacks, bread comes with a crisp crust and crumb “fat“, the lactic fermentation gives the bread a delicate and sweet.


Pan Paillasse Rustick

Paillasse Rustick: is cleverly mixed with rye flour, wheatflakes and flaxseed bread with a crust is brown and crispy, thebread has a brown color, rolled barley and oats used as a coverit characterize the taste.
Croissants Rustick: asuitable for the production of croissantsand sweet and savory snacks like to propose for brunch.


Pain Paillasse Foncé

Flour with wheat germ and yeast rye off, give the bread a delicate but very special and attractive.