Mix pizzeria of “Molino del Sole”

Mix pizzeria of “Molino del Sole”



It a mixture of soft wheat flour, potato flakes and dried natural yeast powder.
Particularly suitable for the production of pizza slices.
The potato flakes keep the pizza is excellent softness cold, and even when heated.

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It is a mixture of soft wheat flour, soybean and rye.
Pizzamì makes the pizza crunchy, rustic and very tasty.

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Pizza Core

Pizza Core is a blend of selected soft wheat flour, wheat bran and wheat germ life.
Pizza with Core is a crispy crust and tasty  with the flavors of the South.

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Pizza Core Soya

Pizza Core soya flour is a mixture with a selected soft wheat, durum wheat and soya flour, wheat germ.
Pizza soya Core allows you to get a crispy crust, light and tasty; moreover, thanks to the soybean flour protein input, the dough supports very long leavening.

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Pizza Core Cereal

Pizza Core cereal is a blend of wheat flour type “00”, durum wheat flour, soy flour wholemeal, semolina of corn, sesame seeds, whole rye flour, whole meal semola of soy, oatmeal, millet seeds, flaxseed meal, wheat germ, barley flakes are enhanced where all the tastes and flavors of grains and seeds.
Pizza Core cereal allows you to get a pizza for its unique character, its crunchiness.