What is it

What is it

FARINA INTERA® is the revolution in the flour industry.

A white flour with health features superior than whole flour, a response that combines the ultimate consumer’s appetite needs by responding positively to the medical-scientific class reliefs about the use of white flour.

The only white flour that preserves the noble parts of the grain. Modern manufacturing techniques and excessive refining of flour cause loss of many nutrients including fibers and vitamins.

Flour Intera® thanks to the Fedele Processing®, allows with a natural process to make fibers bioavailable throughout the digestive tract.

With whole flour, which is synonymous of health and good ally to increase sense of satiety and facilitate intestinal transit, we have frequent cases of colon swelling and irritability that are associated with the consumption of whole foods; hassles that may disapprove the use of it. In addition, the whole flour is rich in bran, but it allows only a partial release of arabiloxylans (20%) and ferulic acid (10%) in the intestine.

Farina Intera® goes beyond, it was designed to overcome these problems, indeed Farina Intera® allows the availability of 30% higher soluble fiber than whole flours thanks to the Fedele Processing®, a patented production method of Farine Varvello.

Soluble fibers are able to increase sense of satiety and imprison some nutrients and through fermentation produce a gel that slows gastric emptying and keeps blood glucose levels under control.

Thanks to the Fedele Processing®, developed in collaboration with the University of Bologna, noble wheat grains are naturally recovered with positive effects on health and wellness without sacrificing taste.