Project for Professionals

Project for Professionals

The FARINA INTERA® project is an extraordinary opportunity for bakery, pizzeria and pastry operators.

A choice of field that goes beyond the quality of the product.

It is an entrepreneurial project that will bring our partner (baker, pizzeria, pastry) into the health and functional foods market, finally offering a solution to the demand of the modern consumer to find healthy but good foods, that combine the taste with a proper nutrition.

Farina Intera® partners will benefit from the company’s integrated communication business on the media and at the point of sale.

They will also have the opportunity to participate in consumers and nutritionists promotion activities: key figures to raise awareness about your potential audience.

Enter in the world of FARINA INTERA® and discover a world of benefits.

Ask to your area representative or Contact Us; from today your business has the chance to live the healthy revolution of bakery products.